Cat’s Cradle – Understanding Natural Cycles and Soil Reclamation

This article by Lynn Saunders from Australia explains the Earth’s carbon cycle and how soil reclamation can be used to sequester CO2.

Most of the posts on my site are my original work, but I am making an exception here because this article is so comprehensive and I have not written much on this important subject.

The Cat’s Cradle: Improving Agricultural Productivity and Economic Viability through Improved Understanding of Natural Systems

Carbon dioxide is 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere. Globally, soils hold three times more carbon than earth’s atmosphere, which implies that soil management practices are far more significant to the levels of atmospheric carbon than the number of cars on the road.

Agricultural practices over millennia have depleted soils of carbon and this loss has accelerated over the last century. The graphs which correlate atmospheric carbon to industrialisation also correlate to the industrialization of agriculture.