New York should join the shale revolution

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s natural gas policies make no sense and are self-defeating. New York has banned drilling for in-state natural gas resources while at the same time the state has increased its reliance on natural gas to replace coal, clean up air emissions, and fight climate change. Natural gas has been critical in helping New…

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Marijuana on Wall St., Reggae on Broadway


Marijuana legalization is culture war. From cultural conservatives fearful of losing the war on drugs to counter culture leftists who equally fear their precious herb will be corrupted by the poisoned chalice of capitalism and big business. Marijuana is representative of long standing culture wars and the prospect of legalization has implications far beyond arrest…

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State Should Take Steps to Boost Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is one of the leading sources of low carbon electricity, yet it receives no credit for this in Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has five nuclear power plants that provide one-third of the state’s electricity and 93 percent of its low carbon electricity. Nuclear power plants are also the state’s most-reliable sources of electricity,…

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Much Value in Nuclear Facilities

New York state currently has five nuclear power plants, and they all face mounting financial losses and pressure from activists. But closing them is not an environmentally good idea. The FitzPatrick plant in Oswego is scheduled to be shut down in 2017, and Exelon Corp. has announced that the nearby Nine Mile Unit No. 1…

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Methanol is a CO2 Utilization Pathway


Methanol has been largely overlooked in the biofuels debate, perhaps that is because that is because it is typically produced from coal and natural gas and is often considered a fossil fuel product. But it is more accurate to think of methanol as a synthetic fuel that can be produced from all manner of carbon…

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New York needs to save nuclear plants

New York is engaging in an ambitious effort called REV (Renewing the Energy Vision) to update the state’s electricity grid to support renewable energy and microgrids. Unfortunately, this vision fails to see the importance of the state’s largest source of low-carbon electricity, nuclear power. Anyone who is concerned about climate change and the need to…

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