New York should join the shale revolution

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s natural gas policies make no sense and are self-defeating. New York has banned drilling for in-state natural gas resources while at the same time the state has increased its reliance on natural gas to replace coal, clean up air emissions, and fight climate change. Natural gas has been critical in helping New…

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Use Objective Science in Fracking Debate

A recent scientific study exploring possible water contamination in a group of Pennsylvania water wells resulting from shale gas development has generated plenty of scary headlines for opponents of fracking. But the study is not the smoking gun that activists have made it out to be, since the report clearly states that hydraulic fracturing was not the cause of…

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Methane Hydrate are a Promising New Energy Source

2015_01_06_flammable ice

Methane hydrates are getting increased attention as a major new source of clean hydrocarbon energy. These enormous deposits of natural gas have never been developed commercially, but research and development has been promising, and expectations are that the gas could begin coming to market within a decade. Known as flammable ice, methane hydrates are molecules…

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Canadian Gas Association Embraces Renewable Natural Gas


The Canadian Gas Association, a leading industry trade group, issued a report in December 2014 promoting renewable natural gas in Canada. Titled, “Renewable Natural Gas Technology Roadmap for Canada,” the report offers very aggressive support for biomethane production as a means to both reduce waste and greenhouse gases while developing an underutilized renewable resource. According…

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Impact of Falling Oil Prices on LNG

The recent surprise drop in crude oil prices are having big impacts on international LNG prices and may cause a slowdown in the development of LNG export terminals globally. LNG is liquefied natural gas, cooled to a temperature of -260° F, for the purpose of compression and transportation. International shipments of LNG by container ship…

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How Dangerous is LNG?

2014_12_18_LNG Ship

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is often regarded as extremely dangerous and toxic with container ships called floating bombs. But is this perception accurate? The historical reality is that LNG has the best safety record of all common fuel types and is completely non-toxic. Of course natural gas vapors are flammable and present safety hazards that…

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