New York should join the shale revolution

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s natural gas policies make no sense and are self-defeating. New York has banned drilling for in-state natural gas resources while at the same time the state has increased its reliance on natural gas to replace coal, clean up air emissions, and fight climate change. Natural gas has been critical in helping New…

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Cannabis, Moses, and the Israelites

Moses's Tabernacle

They don’t teach you in Sunday school that cannabis appears in the Old Testament but modern scholarship shows that cannabis was used sacramentally by Moses and the ancient Israelites. Cannabis appears by name five times in the original Hebrew text of Bible according to research by Polish etymologist Sula Benet  whose work was later expanded…

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Cannabis in the Garden of Eden

Titian: The Fall of Man

The Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden can be viewed as a prohibition myth that tells the story of how Eve discovered cannabis, began agriculture, and brought forth civilization. Rather than the fall of man, the Garden of Eden myth can be seen as the fall of the Goddess…

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Marijuana on Wall St., Reggae on Broadway


Marijuana legalization is culture war. From cultural conservatives fearful of losing the war on drugs to counter culture leftists who equally fear their precious herb will be corrupted by the poisoned chalice of capitalism and big business. Marijuana is representative of long standing culture wars and the prospect of legalization has implications far beyond arrest…

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